“Nothing stays the same. Travel trends are not simply dictated by fashion but our tastes naturally change depending on our evolving lifestyles, needs and mindset. Travel to Africa remains an iconic privilege but these emerging trends have established that a new dawn is upon us as the industry refines its product and ups its game to cater for the current marketplace.”

  1. Get Well

Mindfulness has really struck a chord with all of us yearning to ditch screen time and get unplugged for a while. Africa provides some irresistible lodges and camps with a relaxed pace for that spiritual head space where guests can zone out while stargazing, reflecting and reconnecting in the moment. Wellness in the wilderness is made even more enticing by some itineraries becoming less regimented in tune with this trend.

  1. Get Experimental

A spectrum of ‘special interest’ tours are in-demand from cooking to photography alongside itineraries with truly unmissable art scene routes.

  1. Get Responsible

Clients seem to get the feelgood factor with certain products so maybe it’s an idea to aim for that conservation tickbox when it truly deserves it. These trips are often orientated to be hands-on for guests. Think rhinos and responsible eco destinations.

  1. Get the Parents

Multigenerational tourism continues on the up and up, a sole use lodge can suit several generations or a game lodge can offer a bespoke package with the younger crew in mind. Clients realise that there is a clever way to spread the cost by inviting extended family plus everyone is glad of more hands to help keep the kids happy. The added help can contribute to getting that much needed downtime while the invaluable quality time (often missed at home) by travelling and sharing Africa together is an emotive bonus.

  1. Get Real

There’s a demand for getting closer to the essence of Africa. This is not just wildlife but deeper into the cultural experiences of the real people. Back to basics soul and authenticity can be enjoyed alongside affordable, understated luxury comforts. Look out for some great itineraries experiencing the REAL African adventure. Think sleepouts and walking safaris with a move away from 24/7 luxury but staying achievable for ordinary people.

Conclusion: Be authentic, sustainable and open to refining the proposition to stay relevant when selling this awesome continent.

The brand new B2B travel trade show Experience Africa by Atta takes place 25-27 June 2018 at CCT Venues, Canary Wharf, London. www.experienceafrica.travel