Who Attends Experience Africa?

Experience Africa  is the one-stop tradeshow in the UK and Europe that exclusively focuses on African and Indian Ocean product.  It will showcase a refreshingly wider range of inspiring travel products and offer a new platform to maximise supplier exposure in a way never seen before in the UK.

A healthy concoction of meetings, seminars and networking opportunities along with a pinch of entertainment and cocktails to liven the tone, the three day tradeshow, assures genuine connectivity and the development of new business relationships with key, handpicked UK & European buyers. 

Entry is open to ALL UK and European buyers, based on your current or potential business to Africa. 

This includes

Worldwide Tour Operators with an Africa sales department

Africa Specialist Tour Operators 

Adventure/Overland Operators

Bespoke Lifestyle and Concierge Operators

Travel Agents

Leisure/Resort Operators


Buyer Programme

Up to 3 buyers from each company are invited to attend the show. Registrations will be considered from positions including Product Manager, Senior Sales Consultants and Managing Directors. Please note, all buyer registrations will undergo a qualifying process to ensure it is the decision makers that are attending. 

A buyer’s appointment schedule may be shared with a second delegate. Having a second delegate allows the opportunity for a colleague to shadow your meetings or for them to attend on your behalf, as you listen in on a seminar!

What’s included in the buyer programme?


Days of appointments

Up to 42 appointments

Up to 8 seminars

Evening event tickets *

*only vaild for days you attend the show.

1 or 3-Day buyer programs are also available on request.

Why Attend Experience Africa?

Inclusive           We will bring a wider range of buyers and suppliers to the forefront of the industry, offering a new                                               voice for Africa across international tourism.

Fresh                           To revolutionise the voice of Africa in tourism, you will have the opportunity to meet with suppliers                                             suppliers you may have never seen before.

Intimate                 Limits to the types of exhibitors from each country ensures both parties can make maximum                                                         returns from attending the show.

Bespoke            No more ‘one size fits all’. We are a show that cares and caters for both buyer and supplier needs!

Decisive                  No dead time. We will bring the decision makers to the table to maximise your business                                                                   opportunities.

Educational     Seminars provide a forum to share and develop ideas, as well as debate industry challenges.

Quality Time   Networking opportunities and evening events maximise allow genuine relationships to develop.

Central                      In the heart of London, EA is the first 3-day travel show bringing Africa to the most relevant and                                                    active European and UK Buyers.