Happy New Year from the Experience Africa team!

2020 is here and, as we welcome not only a new year, but a new decade, we’ve been doing some serious thinking about what we can do to protect our planet. As a company, we are always taking steps to make our shows as sustainable as possible. Not only are we dedicated to eliminating unnecessary waste, but we provide a platform for leaders in responsible travel and conservation to share ideas across the industry.

This year, we have pledged to make individual changes in our personal lives as part of our commitment to sustainability. Trying to be eco-friendly can be overwhelming: that’s why we’ve each decided to commit to one small change which, when carried out throughout the year, will have a significant environmental impact. Read on to see what we’re doing to reduce our environmental impact in 2020!

My eco resolution for 2020 is…

…to walk or cycle to work when possible and reduce emissions.

Byron, Event Director

It’s all too easy to jump in the car first thing in the morning, but I could actually be at work within 35 minutes if I walked, and within ten minutes if I cycled! Air pollution is a fast-growing concern in towns and cities, so I’ve decided that I will walk or cycle to work as much as possible in 2020. With just a little bit of effort, I will reduce my carbon footprint drastically. I’ll also get more exercise, save money and not have to spend time in the morning searching for a parking space!

…to create weekly meal plans to reduce personal food waste.

Alex, Content and Marketing Executive

A recent clear out of my fridge opened my eyes to how much food I throw away each year. I don’t think of myself as a particularly wasteful consumer but cooking for one means that I often over-buy. Supermarkets don’t make the situation easier; buying in bulk is usually cheaper and sometimes those two-for-one deals are just too tempting! In 2020, I aim to plan my meals each week and be more creative with leftovers. Not only will I cut down my food waste, but I think I’ll end up saving some money, too!

…to support local and green businesses.

Julian, Buyer Relations Executive

It becomes all too easy when shopping at the local supermarket to buy pre-packaged, plastic-sealed produce. It’s often unnecessary and is removed as soon as I get home! One of my resolutions for this year will be to shop more organically and locally. By shopping locally and bringing my own reusable containers and jars, I will keep my plastic use to a minimum as well as supporting local businesses in the community.

…to bring a packed lunch to work to cut down on pre-packaged convenience food.

Scarlett, Account Manager

I am very much always on the go and lunch is normally something quick and easy to obtain. However, this convenience means my lunch is often wrapped in single-use plastic. In 2020, I will make a conscious effort to make lunch at home and bring it to work with me. This means planning ahead and preparing meals in advance. Whilst I may lose a bit of time, I hope to save money, eat more healthily and cut back on waste.

Do you have any eco resolutions for 2020? We’d love to hear them!