Seminars 2018

25 June 2018


Madagascar is the island of passion, full of varied traditions and cultures, mixing sacred places, particular arts and protected natural areas where a multitude of endemic animals and plants are living. The fauna and flora are outstanding riches, considered to be the nature sanctuary by every scientist.
The last undiscovered pearl of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique has azure warm waters and white deserted beaches on the islands, bustling fish markets and jovial locals; the country offers a wealth of sights, sounds, tastes and experiences to delight all senses. Mozambique offers a diverse variety of experiences to discover. From the delights of abundant coral reefs or experiencing the majestic Whale sharks whilst scuba diving to its growing National Parks and idyllic tropical islands – this country offers all this and so much more!

PRIVATE EYES – How complying with new data protection rules for privacy and consent will change the face of direct marketing forever.

All of us in the travel business must surely be allowed to thrive among the new privacy landscape. Getting to grips with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is vital to remain compliant with law surrounding others personal data. GDPR came into force from May 25th this year with everyone in the industry obliged to adhere to a totally new protocol that is unyielding and non-negotiable. Our expert panel explore first-hand, the impact of this sea-change and illuminate some of the surprises of what is and isn’t categorised as ‘personal data’. We intend that this invaluable seminar will provide clarity on this major change and lead the way for those who need to find the best course of action to overcome this hurdle, avoiding enforced breaches or fines.

PLUGGING IN – Tech Development insight & realistic strategies to get switched on.

Intuitive technology rewrites the rules every year for all of us. In this fascinating snapshot of tech, we throw a fresh spotlight on all the latest exciting developments, innovative VR, the trending apps and even smart robots! Learn how from the agent to the traveller experience, communication can be aided with tailored information and convenience at everyone’s fingertips. We explore if we are being quick enough to adapt and let our expert panel give us their predictions for the brave new world of travel technology just around the corner. The next big thing could mean the chance to elevate your game and reap rewards!
26 June 2018

ZIMBABWE – A World of Wonder

Zimbabwe is agruably one of Africa’s most fascinating destinations. Boasting many of the continent’s finest natural attractions, wildlife- rich conservation areas and cultural attractions, Zimbabwe is an all- inclusive destination with so much to see and do.

POT LUCK OR SHORT SHRIFT? – Adapting to a new leaner era of Media Relations.

The writing is on the wall as traditional printed media continues to decline either folding titles, publishing less often, going ‘digital only’ and reducing in-house staff numbers. News and feature opportunities are few and far between compared to the boom years when there was an abundance of taking the editor out for a long lunch, prime-time terrestrial travel TV shows, a rack of glossy consumer magazines filled with ripe advertising revenue and bulging weekend travel supplements. We will ask in this indispensable session, is there still a place for traditional pitching hooks to consumer and trade editorial teams in 2018? Having the appropriate staff and freelance contacts, timing, knowing the audience, media style and a persuasive proposition ‘story’ seems like only half the battle. Our panel of PR experts and journalists let us in on their trade secrets and reveal their preferred approaches. We also aim to demystify for good, the blurred lines between sponsored advertorial content and genuine editorial.

REPUTATION MATTERS – Crisis Management, complaints and acting upon reviews.

In a society that finds ‘digging the dirt’ a delicious form of entertainment and ever-increasing customer expectations, there is no denying that just one word of mouth negativity or online smudge really sticks (no matter how trivial or truthful). In this session we explore a wealth of tactics for planning, approaching, reacting and diffusing damaging feedback, so confidence in your brand reputation is swiftly reinstated. Expect to broaden your outlook as our experts pinpoint the essential response ammunition we all need to jump the hurdles, reassuring everyone that your destination, brand and offering can again stand proud.
27 June 2018

Kenya – A land of endless beauty

The incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, wildlife and activities mean endless opportunities. The country offers a diverse range of environments all within relatively close proximity. The diversity of wildlife means that no two experiences in the wild are ever the same. Find tropical forests, beautiful beaches, and  even mountains. In Kenya adventure and relaxation, luxury and natural simplicity, social experiences and solitude blend together in a land of endless harmonious contrast.

LIKE, SHARE, POST! – Rethinking the Social Media revolution for profit.

Some might say that the absence of having a Social Media platform ‘shop window’ is comparable to operating a company without a website. Not joining the ‘party’ could leave your offering out in the cold but we ask how should accommodation providers, tourist boards and other travel operators maximise their profile on Social Media channels and who is best suited to do it? Some in the industry have reported an oversupply of superficial influencers so we ask are the ups and downs to hosting the selfie society worth the hassle? Producing and sharing captivating content can expand your reach and stimulate engagement resulting in organic growth that doesn’t cost a thing. If you want some of this attention, don’t miss our exclusive seminar where we will tackle head on, this significant part of your marketing toolkit.

GOOD TOURISM PRACTICES – Sustainable, Responsible, Ethical footprints.

People are turning to holiday providers in pursuit of authentic travel experiences where they feel they are emotionally ‘paying it forward’ and having a positive impact on the destination and its people. Our exclusive session explores just how mindful consumers have become tuned to this way of thinking, wanting to change their behaviour from helping local communities, banning plastic to considering ‘alternative destinations’ as an antidote to over-tourism. We ask what steps can the industry take to encourage this thinking, manage responsible initiatives and at the same time, deliver genuine feelgood initiatives that really help the cause.


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