Green Safaris is a premier eco-tourism provider, founded with two missions in mind: 1. Share our passion for African nature with you, by offering you unique experiences 2. Actively support conservation and community development, to sustain pristine nature
We want to share this passion with you, personally. From enjoying lion cubs playing around in the bushlands of Kafue National Park, to relaxing at our private beach on Likoma Island. In every situation, in every pristine area where we have chosen to operate, our aim is to facilitate top-quality unique experiences for you. No mass-tourism, but intimate adventures in beautiful and remote locations.
Every place has a special story to tell and is part of an important ecosystem.
We invite you to experience Africa in a truly personal and unique way. Intimately fall in love with its nature and its people, whilst helping to sustain these pristine areas at the same time.
You focus on the experience, we focus on taking care of you.